Ethics and Integrity

In carrying out its mandate, GEOMOUN wishes to respect the following ethical principles:

  • Good overall governance.
  • Irreproachable financial management.
  • Transparency in the allocation of the collected funds.
  • The protection of your data.
  • A Culture of Integrity and a Policy on Reporting and Managing Complaints.

Good governance

GEOMOUN is an NGO whose statutes are published in the 'Moniteur Belge' and offer all the guarantees for good governance of the organisation.

The GEOMOUN Board of Directors meets twice a year. The Board of Directors is composed of five members, four of whom have been present since the creation of GEOMOUN and one rotating member.  In this way, the organization wants to ensure continuity and at the same time prevent any risk of inertia. Each director's term of office is exercised on a voluntary basis.

GEOMOUN respects the privacy of its employees, volunteers and donors. Access to personal data is strictly regulated and limited.

Irreproachable financial management

The GEOMOUN Board of Directors approves the multi-year financial plan and the annual budget.

Balance sheet statement is closed on a quarterly basis.

GEOMOUN does not make risky investments.

Financial transparency

The annual accounts of GEOMOUN shall be made public and are posted on the website

GEOMOUN strives to transfer a maximum percentage of the funds raised towards development and field programmes for children. To finance its administrative operations, fundraising activities and work to promote children's rights, GEOMOUN keeps costs to a minimum, in particular by working with volunteer graphic designers and computer specialists.

GEOMOUN works with local actors for the southern projects in Haiti. Narrative and financial reports from our Haitian partners are sent to GEOMOUN on a monthly basis.

The protection of your data

GEOMOUN takes care to protect the information you trust us with (when you make a donation, register for one of our events, communicate with us, subscribe to our electronic newsletters...).

When you contact us for any reason, we usually collect the following information: name, email address, phone number, address, preferences (depending on the content viewed), language.
If you make a donation, we may also collect your bank or credit card information (which is kept in accordance with legal requirements), the donations you have already made and the date and source of the donation.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or are part of the database to which we send our newsletters, you will find a link to access your data (email, name, first name) in each of these emails and another to unsubscribe from our mailings. On our part, we undertake to send only one newsletter per quarter on average and to limit our other communications to a minimum.

Your data will not be transmitted to third parties except: our accounting office to encode your donations, sales or purchases in our accounts, as well as to the company that manages the annual sending of tax certificates.

A Culture of Integrity and a Policy on Reporting and Managing Complaints

To ensure that a culture of integrity is embraced and maintained within our association, we have adopted a Code of Integrity and a Policy on Reporting and Managing Complaints.

Geomoun’s Integrity Charter is built on the universal and everlasting principle: “do as you would be done by.” This charter thus states that, beyond your own self, you should treat others as your other self. If the charter is accompanied by procedures that allow concrete actions to be taken in case the values it defends aren’t respected, the integrity shared by the people involved in Geomoun’s projects is above all a shared natural law, that of putting oneself in the place of others. This exercise mobilises both reason and empathy and seems to be the basis of coexistence in society, whatever the era, cultural or religious origins. The charter is framed on the International Conventions on Human Rights.

It is important that the people we serve and accompany are able to communicate any noticed shortcoming further concern, worry, attitude and behaviour contrary to this Integrity Charter.

Key areas of possible complaints may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Any suspected or actual violation of the Integrity Charter regarding: 

       1° Commitment

       2° Respect, integrity and conflict of interest       

       3° Transparency and confidentiality

       4° Loyalty

       5° Responsibility

       6° Diversity

       7° Probity, independence and impartiality

       8° Denunciation of abuse

  • Any behaviour or conduct by Geomoun staff and partners such as harassment, including sexual exploitation and abuse, and any form of psychological and physical violence. 

You may file a complaint by filling out the complaint form or by writing to

The form and the e-mail will be received in confidence by the Complaints Handling Manager, a totally independent out-of-house person. This person will send you a reasoned reply within 30 working days of the date of dispatch of the form.

If you have any doubts regarding the interpretation of the Charter and its related codes, the correct behaviour to follow, or the application of these rules within a specific situation, please contact the Integrity Officer by e-mail at

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