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Created in 2000, Geomoun supports local initiative projects in Haiti and Peru focused on the respect of children's rights through the strengthening of all civil society and state actors. In Belgium, Geomoun promotes children's right to participation through projects that encourage reflection, openness, expression and action for improvement. Geomoun is a non-profit organisation recognised by the Ministry of Development Cooperation as a Belgian NGO and has tax approval (donations of 40 euros or more are deductible).


Geomoun's philosophy is to encourage the power of change of children and their communities to contribute to a more just, empathetic world that respects human rights and the environment. Optimisation and trust are our watchwords. Optimism is a strategic choice since pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Trust is the essential foundation of any social transformation.


Geomoun guides its action on an approach based on the rights of the child as defined by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. This "rights" approach implies a dynamic and holistic strategy of action. Dynamic because it recognises the right of children, girls and boys, to be active in their own lives and to participate actively in their communities. Holistic because it considers that in order to improve children's rights, it is necessary to act on different levels of stakeholders and domains.

In terms of the domains, the 'rights' approach takes into account all aspects regarding the situation of the child or group of children, and believes in the strength of a group of domain-related partners (health, food security, environment, renewable energy, protection of minors, ...) who work in synergy on the different levels of intervention.

Geomoun, therefore, surrounds itself with a network of partners to carry out all projects, wherever they may be located.


In the South, GEOMOUN is committed, through its projects to:

  • Firstly: support child protection initiatives: strengthening child protection systems, combining state and civil society responsibilities, community development.
  • Secondly: support initiatives aimed at the education (basic and professional) of children and their mothers. Pay particular attention to girls' education.
  • Promote children's right to participation and encourage them to take an active part as citizens in their community.

In the North, GEOMOUN is committed, through its projects to:

  • Promote peace among populations through a better knowledge of each other and promote interculturality through a social exchange, direct contact with each other, use of philosophy for children and anthropological tools.
  • To make known the wealth of the Southern countries in terms of know-how
  • Promote children's right to participation by connecting them with children in the South through a common citizen project.

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Cécile Nuyt

Co-founder and Director of Geomoun

Nathalie Delbar

Program Coordinator Belgium

Antoinette Brusselmans

Project Manager of Geomove
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