Overall strategy

Themes and sectors
GEOMOUN wishes to keep and deepen the issues which it has been working on since its creation in 2000: improving the rights of the child in the name of civic and responsible social integration, both in the North and the South.

The emphasis on education (from basic education to professional training based on social education) and on the protection of children and young people, as defined above, makes it possible to better define GEOMOUN's intervention in the South.

The emphasis on raising children's awareness in the North of their rights in order to make them active, sensitive and responsible citizens makes it possible to develop projects that are entirely in line with and reinforce projects in the South. The interaction between North and South through the network that will be created between schools and youth associations will help our objectives related to the promotion of interculturality and children's participation.

True pioneers who are committed to another, better Haiti, our three partner associations RESEDH and TIMKATEC give hope to hundreds of families to live in dignity and to help their children grow up in a promising environment. They put Haitians at the heart of their own change. It is in this community development approach focused on strengthening, training and accompanying beneficiaries in the field that we support them.

-> Themes: Children's rights (education, protection, participation), women's rights, community development, interculturality, promotion of peace, citizenship education.





600 direct beneficiaries = the most vulnerable children and youth (girls and boys)


indirect beneficiaries: 

57 Timkatec employees + their families and children's families

300 direct beneficiaries = students from 10 classes (girls and boys) as well as teaching staff


indirect beneficiaries= 

+/-600 people from the children's families and radio listeners



street children (400), minors and prisons (20), young single mothers (50)

350 direct beneficiaries = 10 primary school classes and 3 nursery classes as well as teaching staff

children from the 6 communal sections where the 13 protective communities will be formed


60 local leaders

Indirect beneficiaries=

42 directors/teacher

600 people from the children's families


Geographical areas

GEOMOUN is currently present in Belgium and Haiti, in addition to the countries with which it has established links through schools participating in development education projects. For the next ten years, GEOMOUN has decided to focus on Haiti in terms of its southern projects, while leaving a door open to partners who are and will be part of development education projects. It is currently Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo, Peru... The implementation of a network within development education projects should enable other countries to join, as defined in the strategic objective expanded upon below.

SOUTH -> Haiti

NORTH (ED) -> Opening to as many participating countries as possible

Affiliation and certification

GEOMOUN is a member of Acodev, the Federation of NGOs in cooperation for development. As such, GEOMOUN contributes to new development challenges and adjusts its strategy, strengthens its professional skills, and coordinates its efforts with other development stakeholders, while respecting the specificities, skills and responsibilities of each one. Geomoun has an ACNG accreditation (a new name for NGOs) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has just been renewed for 10 years (2027).

Geomoun is a recognised IFC trainer (Institut de la Formation en cours de Carrière). The certified training is intended for teachers of 5th and 6th grade in primary school and is based on the pedagogical kit "Meeting the Other".

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