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In Haiti


A reception for basic, professional and artistic education aimed at the children and vulnerable young people of Port-au-Prince.

Partner of GEOMOUN since its foundation (GEOMOUN was created to support Timkatec in 2000), Timkatec continues to be a partner of GEOMOUN in its support of disadvantaged children and young people.


RESEDH (South East Human Rights Network)

RESEDH is the association that represents the National Human Rights Network in Haiti (RNDDH) in the South-Eastern Department. RNDDH has 10 associations representing its network through all Haitian departments. As an official partner of the protection project that starts in January 2015 (approved by the DGD), RESEDH enjoys an important reputation in its field of action. As a privileged partner in the writing of the protection project, GEOMOUN has chosen it as the project's lead partner.

GARR (Refugee and returnee aid group)

In the municipality of Anse à Pitre, GARR accompanies migrants of Haitian origin, who have become stateless because they have been expelled from the Dominican Republic.

Protection of returnees (prevention of violence, solidarity action, rights of repatriated children...)
Direct services for repatriated children and their families (schooling, vocational training, assistance to 70 families/year through the creation of income-generating activities, etc.).
Sensitisation of Haitian populations in the border areas of the South-East Department to show solidarity with returnees.


In Peru

In Lima, the Kallpa association is an NGO, mainly composed of women, which works in a creative and innovative way in a very disadvantaged part of Lima, especially in the field of health education and children's rights. In disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Lima, Kallpa strengthens community-based organisations that work to support early childhood and promote the rights of children, young women, adolescents and young people in situations of poverty and vulnerability.

In Cajamarca, in the north of Peru, the Chibolito association participates in the educational and social development of children and adolescents in extremely precarious situations and deals with the problems of street children and adolescents. Chibolito integrates these children and adolescents from disadvantaged families into basic or vocational training programs and involves them in prevention, safety, well-being, recreational and sports activity, and playground programmes.

In Benin

Carrefour Jeunesse
Carrefour Jeunesse has been our partner in the "Le Son d'Enfants" project since 2015 and is a founding member of the International Network of Engaging Children. In Comé, the association allows children and young people to develop their artistic and civic talents.


In Togo

Solidarity Visions
A partner association of the "Le Son d'Enfants" project, a founding member of the International Network of Committed Children, Visions Solidaires is a solid, effective and courageous partner, ready to mobilise and innovate in a context that is not conducive to change.


In Belgium

the Centre d'Action Laïque (CAL)
GEOMOUN has designed an educational kit entitled "A la Rencontre de l'Autre" in partnership with CAL, the Ecole Normale du Brabant Wallon and the municipality of Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve.

Collaboration with CAL will continue as part of activities related to the development of the "le son d'enfants" network and the production of radio programs by children. CAL will continue to be GEOMOUN's liaison for all matters related to the use of philosophy for children in projects.


The Announce Color feature
This system has helped GEOMOUN's education projects on development many times since they began in 2010. Whether through financial support to them or by evaluating the educational tools created by GEOMOUN, Announcing Color is a long-standing partner for GEOMOUN in ED.


The Child Rights Officer
As a partner in the educational kit and also in the "Children's Rights School" project, it will be closely involved in the development of the "Children's Sound" network.


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