The 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child

This year, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child will celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

On 20 November 1989, the first legally binding international text was written enshrining all the fundamental rights of the child. This convention has been ratified at the UN by all countries in the world (except the United States!).

Children's rights are human rights that are specifically adapted to children because they take into account their fragility, specificities and age-specific needs. Children's rights take into account the need for child development.  Children therefore have the right to live and develop properly both physically and intellectually. The rights of the child thus provide for the satisfaction of needs essential to the child's proper development, such as access to appropriate food, necessary care, education, etc. Children's rights take into account the vulnerability of the child. They imply the need to provide them with a protective framework. This involves, on the one hand, providing special assistance to children and, on the other hand, protection adapted to their age and degree of maturity. Thus, children must be provided with the support and assistance services they need and must be protected from exploitation through labour, abduction, abuse, etc. (full text on

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