Protecting your data

GEOMOUN takes care to protect the information you entrust to us (when you make a donation, register for one of our events, communicate with us, subscribe to our electronic newsletters...).

When you contact us for any reason, we usually collect the following information: name, email address, phone number, address, preferences (depending on the content viewed), language.
If you make a donation, we may also collect: your bank or credit card information (which is kept in accordance with legal requirements), the donations you have already made, the date and source of the donation.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or are part of the database to which we send our newsletters, you will find a link to access your data (email, name, first name) and a link to unsubscribe from our mailings in each of these emails. For our part, we commit to send only one newsletter per quarter on average and to limit our other communications to a minimum.

Your data will not be transmitted to third parties except: our accounting office to encode your donations, sales or purchases in our accounts, as well as to the company that manages the annual sending of tax certificates.

Processing payment

Paiement effectué

Merci pour votre don.

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