Le Son d'Enfants with the association Carrefour Jeunesse



Benin enjoys one of the few democratic regimes in Africa and has achieved relative economic stability. However, there is little cultural infrastructure, leisure or informal education for young Beninese people. The organisation Carrefour Jeunesse, which has been our partner since 2015 in the project "Le Son d'Enfants", proves to us every day how much the youth in Comé are willing to get moving and mobilise as soon as they are encouraged.


The association carrefour jeunesse participates in the Le Son d'Enfants project by taking care of children in the partner classes and gradually changing the mentalities of the school, the children's parents and local political leaders about the right to child participation and the empowerment of each of the agents. Carrefour Jeunesse is also a co-founder of the Réseau des Enfants et des Jeunes qui s'Engagent.


Carrefour Jeunesse is located in the city of Comé in southwestern Benin. It is an after-school centre which was created in 2011. Carrefour Jeunesse's, being concerned about the quality of education given to children, have made it their mission to offer children and young people an alternative education, which does not lead directly to formal education systems such as schools. Few extracurricular infrastructures are in place for young people in Benin. Carrefour Jeunesse offers them the opportunity to have fun and develop their artistic, physical or intellectual skills.

Being a 3-year partner of the Le Son d'Enfants project and co-founder of the International Network of Engaged Children, Carrefour Jeunesse is a very dynamic partner, which is entirely in line with Geomoun's projects' objectives to enable children to be agents of change and to exercise their right to citizen engagement.



Public cible

Children, young people and teachers


Promote children's right to participation.

Partenaires locaux

Carrefour Jeunesse


5 years (2022-2026)