Call for donations! Organization of a summer camp with Timkatec

The social, economic and political situation in Haiti is increasingly dire. More than ever, without a State and left to their own devices, the Haitian people have to organize themselves and rely solely on themselves to exist, live, eat, educate themselves, look after themselves...

Despite the situation in the country, the NGO Timkatec, with which we collaborate, wishes to continue organizing the same activities with the very vulnerable children of Pétion-Ville.

That's why Timkatec is planning to organize an unforgettable summer camp again this year, from August 4 to 13, to offer 130 children an experience far removed from their everyday lives. 

It's an incredible challenge for our partners to organize such an event in the current climate. That's why we'd really like to support them.


  • Writing and reading workshops
  • Movie nights
  • Singing, dancing and cooking classes
  • Games
  • Soccer tournaments
  • Campfires
  • Lectures on good manners, how to speak up in society - living in a healthy environment


To make this project a reality, we need your support!
You can support the Timkatec summer camp by making a donation to Geomoun.

Because every child has the right to go to a camp.


By making a donation, you help us cover the following camp costs:

  • 2000€ for food
  • 700€ fo games (craft materials, balls, etc.)
  • 500€ for clothing
  • 500€ for movie nights, parties and cakes
  • 800€ for 20 adult supervisors (cooks, teachers, social workers

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