Congo joins the "Le Son d'Enfants" family

This citizen radio project continues to offer us many surprises and wonderful encounters.

After 4 years of projects between "the South" and Belgium, our partners in Benin, Togo and Haiti are embarking on projects with each other. Students from Benin and neighbouring Togo are working together to prepare their citizens' programme and are even planning to meet next summer. In Haiti, students at St Cyr School in Jacmel correspond with Comé children in Benin and will certainly learn a lot about their common roots.

However, four Belgian schools are still participating in the radio project this year. And we are pleased to add the Democratic Republic of Congo to the list of participating countries. The students of the Centre Scolaire La Colombe in Kinshasa have already exchanged some sound recordings with La Petite Ecole in Gentinnes. To date, the theme of the program is not yet known. It is the children of La Colombe who will choose among the 4 proposals of Gentinnes: racism, equality between men and women, global warming and child slaves.


Little by little, the "International Network of Engaged Children" is being built. Look at what it already looks like today just with Geomoun's Right to Participation projects.

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