The "Art and Delinquency" internship in Jacmel is coming to an end

Thanks to funding from Wallonie Bruxelles International, 75 young people from the rural communities of the projects were able to learn about craft techniques (mosaic, transformation of paper into artistic works, painting, etc.) thanks to the local association ACFFC. We have just received the photos and a letter from Resedh, our partner in Jacmel:

Between the sadness of separation and the joy of having lived a unique experience (training in a manual activity away from their family in an atmosphere of open camaraderie). The participants in the paper-mâché workshop completed a very good training session. They learned to transform recycled paper (construction cement packaging) into handicrafts of various forms - animals, fruits, vegetables, vases, bowls, etc. 

On one hand, they are sad because they are going to part with their friends and their instructor whom they consider to be a generous and attentive father-figure; on the other hand, they are filled with immense joy to return to their communities and clubs in order to share their new knowledge with their peers
Hearing them speak, they made it seem as if this experience will forever mark their lives because this is the first time they have taken part in such an activity. 

They openly expressed their gratitude to RESEDH, GEOMOUN and ACFFC, and also honoured their instructor. 

In a country where the leisure of the majority of young people is limited to surfing the internet on their phone, exchanging text messages..., this training responds to a great need to occupy their time with a healthy activity that can in turn give them a certain economic autonomy in a city that finds its full reputation in crafts. 

A successful fight in the struggle for the development of Jacmelian children and young people.

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