Vocational training is a great success.

Haiti has been going through a period of high tension in recent weeks. Opponents of the current government express their dissatisfaction, sometimes with weapons in hand, causing panicked scenes in the country and temporary closures of public institutions.

Despite all these disruptions, training in agricultural technology continued. The 30 students were present every day. Proof of motivation and an unfailing interest of the project beneficiaries.

This training is funded through the APEFE programme which we work closely with. This was also the case for the renewable energy training that took place earlier this year with 30 young people from 10 communities, following which 14 young people decided to join forces to set up a renewable energy production workshop. 

These newly trained young people will use the infrastructure of RESEDH, our local partner in Jacmel, to set up their workshop. They will also benefit from the support of this partner to make their action plans, to seek microfinance.... 

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