Petisson Louis

"My name is Petisson Louis, 16 years old. I have been orphaned by both parents for more than two years. I live sometimes on the street with my friends, sometimes with my maternal grandmother Ina. To support myself I wash cars for a small fee. My life on the street makes me the laughing stock of some children who go to school, which offends me.

Determined to get back to school, I contacted, with the help of the project, the headmaster of the National School of Lavanneau and explained to him my desire to continue my studies interrupted in grade 4.

For me, school is a good thing and can make anyone a responsible man. That's why I advise my friends to go there.

Despite my turbulent behaviour, I am aware of it, I always do my homework and study my lessons. I continue to go to the river to wash cars, but after school and after I finish writing my homework and studying my lessons.

Against all odds, I will finish my studies. I am already making sacrifices, I hardly sleep on the street anymore following the receipt of school materials and supplies from the project.

I sleep at my grandmother's house and travel more than three kilometres every day to school. »

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