Where does your money go?

Geomoun strives to keep management costs to a strict minimum so that your donations best serve the beneficiaries of our projects. In 2017, 83% of donations and subsidies directly financed our projects. Administrative costs are essential to manage projects in compliance with the many requirements of donors (mainly Belgian cooperation and Wallonia-Brussels International).

How was Geomoun born?

Since 2000, Geomoun has been supporting Timkatec, a children's home in Port-au-Prince that provides care, schooling and training for vulnerable children and youth. It all started in Haiti and GEOMOUN is now supporting other projects...

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How is Geomoun financed?

Our NGO accreditation gives us access to public funding. Belgian Development Cooperation, for example, finances a large part of our projects until the end of 2021 but in return requires that Geomoun itself raises 20% of the amount of the subsidy...

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Who are our beneficiaries?

The well-being of children is totally dependent on their environment, adults and state actors who are responsible for it, our projects take this into account!

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